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Is It Too Late? Healing the Earth and Our Spirits
The 11th Annual Hudson-Mohawk Cluster Sunday Celebration
Sunday, April 7 at 11am at Doane Stuart School, 199 Washington Ave, Rensselaer, NY 12144

What does it mean to engage climate justice as individuals, families, congregations, and a region? Using story, music, poetry, reflections, and visual arts, we will explore what it means when resources are depleted, how to address systems that harm the interdependent web, what it means to say yes to change, where to reclaim hope in our selves, our communities, and the planet.

After the service, plan to join in a pot luck lunch, a time of fellowship and conversation, and some discussions about various aspects of climate justice (class, patriarchy, white supremacy, conservation, capitalism, advocacy, green sanctuary, etc.).

Nursery care will be available, along with service-related activities for elementary-aged children.
More details will be available in March.

Minister’s Office Hours
Mon 3:00-5:00 P.M., Tues 1:00-3:00 P.M., Thurs 10:00 A.M-12:00 P.M.
For these office hours, and other times, please schedule an appointment by visiting Alternatively, you can call or text Rev. Joe at (518) 290-0284.

Give Away the Plate Program
If there is an organization you would like the Social Justice Committee to consider for If there is a local organization you would like the Social Justice Committee to consider for the Give Away the Plate program, please send your suggestion to

General Announcements

A Long, Strange Trip: A History of Unitarian Universalism
 Join us for an adult religious exploration class “A Long, Strange Trip: A History of Unitarian Universalism.”

 We will watch a 6-hour film series over six evenings that presents a history of Unitarianism and  Universalism from the beginnings of Christianity through the merger of the American Unitarian Association and the Universalist Church of America and the first forty years of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Each evening will offer as much time for discussion as for film watching. The class will be co-facilitated by  Rev Joe and Jim Scanlan and will be held March 25, 26, 27 and April 1, 2, 3 from 6:30 to 8:30.  

 The class is open to all, but we ask that you commit to attending a majority of the classes by RSVPing here  <> so that we can count on vibrant small group discussion.

 If you have never experienced adult RE, know that it is a great way to build connections in our community,  to find and share your own voice, and to celebrate the gifts that are the voices in our community.

‘Learning About UU’ classes now scheduled
The next round of Learning About UU classes has been scheduled.  The two-part series will be held on Tuesday evenings April 9 and 16 from 7 to 9 P.M.  These classes give newcomers to the congregation an opportunity to learn more about our congregation and our faith as well as to meet other new congregants. A sign-up sheet will be in the back of the sanctuary. Please affix your name thereto or email any of the following people to sign up or ask questions: Nedra Stimpfle (, Dennis Herlihy (

Lobby Day and Medical Aid in Dying
With the changes in the State government following last November election and with an increasing number of medical professionals and lay people supporting the concept of  Medical Aid in Dying, there is increased effort to pass the bill and greater possibility of getting it passed this year.

One effort involves having a continuous presence of supporters of the bill in Albany every Tuesday during the legislative season.  

The Care Team has signed on to walk the halls of the Capital and meet with legislators on Tuesday, May 14th which is Lobby Day. We are asking for additional support from our Congregants. We would like to have at least 20 of us go to Albany on that day. We can carpool!!

Please sign up with any member of the Care Team to join us for an important opportunity to support Medical Aid in Dying legislation.

March’s Theme: Journey
We UU’s love to tell our journey stories. And we love to hear each other’s journey stories. Whereas other religions have newcomers stand up and confess their fallen ways or declare a commitment to one way, we invite each other to talk about how our way is like no other.

It’s a curious thing when you think about it. We welcome people to our fold not by asking them to commit to thinking exactly as the group does, but by asking them to share their journey and recognize how that journey is both not like everyone else’s and special. We bind ourselves to each other not by sharing the same journey but by offering each other the room to discover the unique journey that fits us.

For resources to explore “journey” as a spiritual theme in your life, take a look at the packet you’ll find here:

Special Reminders

Safe Exiting of the Building
In the event that we need to leave our building quickly, there are three exits: the front door, a door to the left of the chancel, and the office door downstairs. People in the front half of the congregation should exit through the door to the left of the chancel. This exit leads to the playground. People in the back half congregation should exit through the front door. Children downstairs will be led by teachers outside to the playground through the office door.

Safety in the Congregation
Parents and Caregivers, please remind your children to walk inside the congregation building, especially in congested areas such as the stairs and during coffee hour. Also, when children are outside playing they must remain inside the playground. If any member of the congregation member sees a child running or playing in the gardens or parking lot, please give them a gentle reminder to stay inside in the playground for their safety. Our concern for everyone’s well-being is a top priority and it takes a village!

Thank you!


L.E.D. Talk (League Embraces Democracy)
Wednesday, March 27, 2019, 7:00 PM  9:00 PM, Caffè Lena, 47 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs

This third program in their three-part Democracy Series is a LED Talk (League Embraces Democracy). Modeled after TED Talks, pre-approved talkers from the community will each have up to 10 minutes to talk about any aspect of Making Democracy Work, such as the importance of voting, the power of resistance, the importance of the arts in a democratic society, the impact of social media etc. We envision this as a fun night where people get to experiment with storytelling as they educate the audience about what’s at stake. Barbara Lombardo, former Editor of the Saratogian, will be the facilitator.

Free admission.

Please click the following link for more information

EOC Soup Kitchen Needs Our Help to Stock the Food Pantry
Please help the EOC Soup Kitchen, located at the Presbyterian-New England Congregational Church, stock its food pantry. Place donations of nonperishable food items or financial donations in the basket on the middle table at the rear of the Sanctuary. Your contributions are brought weekly to the Soup Kitchen.

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  • Long, Strange Trip of UU History
  • NA Invitation to Live (rental group)
  • Long, Strange Trip of UU History
  • NA Race is Over (rental group)
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  • CODA - 12 step meeting
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