We are needed more than ever. We are needed to support one another. We are needed as a beacon of hope and justice.


Thanks to your generosity and dedication, we’ve been able to fund the priorities outlined in last year’s stewardship campaign, and so much more!

• We’ve ensured our amazing staff members are compensated fairly for their work.

• We’ve expanded our Religious Exploration (RE) program. RE Director Julie Lewis has been able to dedicate more time to creating amazing multigenerational programming that benefits the entire congregation, even throughout the summer!

• We’ve made improvements to our meetinghouse, thanks to the hard work of the Building & Grounds Committee, including a major renovation of the downstairs that enlarged the RE classroom.

• We’ve re-energized our social justice programs and engaged with the community across a variety of important initiatives:

We were the first faith community in the area to adopt a Sanctuary resolution, and we’ve been working as part of the Saratoga Immigration Coalition to witness for our immigrant neighbors and push back against unjust immigration policies.
The Social Justice Committee also expanded its scope of racial justice work – including endorsing the Black Lives Matter movement – in addition to fighting for LGBTQ rights and affordable housing, advocating for medical aid in dying and limits on firearms, helping to organize events like Saratoga Peace Week, and partnering with numerous local organizations through Give Away the Plate and other programs.

Let’s keep the momentum going!

Last year we raised a record-setting $195,000 in pledges – imagine what we could if we took it one step further.
Help us meet our goal to support our growing Congregation, continue expanding our educational and social justice programs, and to fund the Unitarian Universalist Association’s important work in representing us at the national and international level.

So how much should we all pledge? We have about 100 contributing households, and while we realize not everyone is in a position to pledge $2,000 a year, it’s important that we spread the responsibilities of stewardship across the Congregation to ensure we are on a sustainable path.

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Stock Transfers to UUCSS

Form and Instructions for Making Gifts of Securities through the UUA (.pdf file)

By transferring ownership of appreciated securities to the UUCSS (as a gift or part of your pledge), you are able to claim a charitable income tax deduction for its current full market value, but you avoid the incurrence of capital gain tax that you would owe if the stock were sold.

The UUA will provide you with a letter for your records confirming your gift, including the amount and date of the gift.

On the UUA gift form you should clearly state the Gift Purpose, e.g., gift to Unitarian Unilateralist Congregation of Saratoga Springs.

Source: UUA webpage. Click here for more information.