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Your personal giving history is available for you to view on The City. Log into your account and click “Giving” on the side menu.TheCity_horz_color

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Stock Transfers to UUCSS

Form and Instructions for Making Gifts of Securities through the UUA (.pdf file)

By transferring ownership of appreciated securities to the UUCSS (as a gift or part of your pledge), you are able to claim a charitable income tax deduction for its current full market value, but you avoid the incurrence of capital gain tax that you would owe if the stock were sold.

The UUA will provide you with a letter for your records confirming your gift, including the amount and date of the gift.

On the UUA gift form you should clearly state the Gift Purpose, e.g., gift to Unitarian Unilateralist Congregation of Saratoga Springs.

Source: UUA webpage. Click here for more information.