Online Giving

Thank you for making a gift to UUCSS using the secure form on this page.

To apply your donation to your 2019 pledge, select 2019 Pledge Payments.

Make your donation go even further by giving via ACH Bank Transfer (directly from your bank account) rather than by credit card. Simply select ACH Bank Transfer from the drop down list in place of Credit/Debit.

Why choose ACH Bank Transfer? UUCSS pays a fee for each online transaction.

ACH fees: 1% + $0.25 per transaction (for a $100 gift, the fee would be $1.25)
Credit card fees: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (for a $100 gift, the fee would be $3.20)

Questions? Contact the congregation’s treasurer, Mike Goodwin.

To view your personal giving history, log in to your Breeze account. 

Making a Pledge of Support

Giving as a spiritual practice

Supporting our community is a rewarding spiritual practice that we engage in collectively, and it is also deeply personal.

We encourage you to step back and contemplate your role as a steward of our Congregation.

What do you value about our beloved community? How are you currently helping our community to grow and thrive? Are there opportunities for you to grow in your faith next year by giving more of your time, talents, or treasure?

How could your gifts empower and transform our Congregation?

Assessing your commitment

Whether you’ve been pledging for years or this is your first time, take a look at this tool provided by the UUA as you think about your pledge: The Suggested Fair-Share Contribution Guide.

This matrix helps calculate the right level of financial support based on your income and level of commitment. The guide is progressive, which is a good reminder that giving is not static: you can set longer-term goals to increase your pledge – and your impact – over time.

What does the Congregation need? 

Another way to look at pledging is to consider the Congregation’s financial obligations.

The goal of our upcoming pledge drive is to raise $220,000 for routine operations in 2019. If each of our (approximately) 100 households pledges to contribute $2,200, we would meet our goal.

Of course we understand that this level of commitment isn’t feasible for everyone, but it’s important to keep in mind that we want to avoid having a disproportionately small group of donors shouldering the burden – this places this Congregation on shaky ground financially.

Every little bit matters

If each household found $1 in pocket change every day to donate, we could collectively raise an extra $36,500 for next year. That would make a huge impact in the quality of our worship and programs, and our ability to make positive changes in the world.

Please know that your generosity, even if it seems like a small amount, is amplified when we all come together as stewards of our community.

To make a pledge, click here.

Stock Transfers to UUCSS

Form and Instructions for Making Gifts of Securities through the UUA (.pdf file)

By transferring ownership of appreciated securities to the UUCSS (as a gift or part of your pledge), you are able to claim a charitable income tax deduction for its current full market value, but you avoid the incurrence of capital gain tax that you would owe if the stock were sold.

The UUA will provide you with a letter for your records confirming your gift, including the amount and date of the gift.

On the UUA gift form you should clearly state the Gift Purpose, e.g., gift to Unitarian Unilateralist Congregation of Saratoga Springs.

Source: UUA webpage. Click here for more information.