Plans for Building our Future

The rumors, e-mails and announcements are all true.  From charter members to members joining at our last New Member Sunday, a team of over a half-dozen individuals now constitutes the core of “The Planning Committee.”

The Board of Trustees has asked the Planning Committee to “investigate multiple avenues for increasing our physical space for services, for Religious exploration, and for related staff and congregational needs.”

The committee is gathering information about a wide range of options most of which fit into four major categories:

1. A modest building expansion of our current location
2. A major building expansion at our current location
3. Move elsewhere to an existing building close to our current location
4. Move elsewhere and build from scratch on land close to our current location

Two very important principles are at the core of our work:

1. The committee will not make major decisions. We will provide the information needed for the Congregation to make decisions.
2. As the committee asks questions and seeks answers we are constantly sensitive to the present and future financial situation of the Congregation.

As we actively explore our many options, we are certain to ask difficult questions, likely to propose unpopular ideas and will probably offend without the intention of doing so. Please accept our apologies in advance and know that our efforts are in the spirit of effective communication.   We hope you will join us whenever we offer formal opportunities to do so and when the spirit moves you.

Please share your ideas, concerns and questions with any member of the committee:

Hal Bigelow, Rev. Joe Cleveland, Pam Collins, Kris Dallas, Louise Gava (Chair), Judy Halstead, James Helicke, Jim Mihuta and Nedra Stimpfle