Rev. Joseph Cleveland

“Blessed Assembly”

Rev. Joe shares some of his experience at this year’s General Assembly, “All Are Called,” Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray’s urging that now is not the time for a casual faith. What is the part that our Unitarian Universalist congregation in Saratoga Springs will play in the mission of Unitarian Universalism? What do we need from our […]

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Guest Speaker

“Becoming Cyborgs”
Dan Forbush

We journey through time to examine the profound implications of artificial intelligence and the expanding mind/machine interface. Dan takes us to 2056 to meet the Rev. Peter Gilman, the UU minister who became the first human to try ThinkPal, the most advanced neural auxiliary of its time. This morning’s presentation is a key scene from […]

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Guest Minister

“The Blessing of One Voice”
Rev. Kimberley Debus

Parker Palmer writes that “The journey toward inner truth is too taxing to be made solo.” What does it mean to seek spiritual connection and deepen our faith with others? We explore the blessings of tension between our individualism and our desire to be in community. Rev. Debus is a Community Minister of the Arts […]

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