Coffee Conversation

Greetings to all UUCSS Sunday morning coffee drinkers. 

About one year ago, Uncommon Grounds raised the price of each canister of coffee from $6 to $10, which is a 67% increase.  This increase caused havoc with our coffee budget . . . to say the least.  In order to combat the price increase, we have instituted two changes this January, and one more here in February.  In January we chose to reduce the usual amount of canisters purchased from five to three and to change the suggested coffee donation from $1 to $2.  (Sometime in April, we will revert back to five canisters each Sunday.)  The February change is to wait to serve the coffee until after the service is over. 

I am pleased to report that these changes appear to be improving the coffee budget situation.  In fact, the folks on the Finance Committee have recently been caught smiling, on occasion.  So, your continued cooperation and goodwill in this endeavor is greatly appreciated. 

Please keep up the good work!

Dennis Herlihy