A Packed Room for Fall Fest

A packed house at our last coffeehouse event!

Powered by nine performers who took to the stage in the sanctuary last Saturday night, our first Fall Fest raised $2800 through the sale of tickets, desserts, and wine. 

Emcee Christie Keegan introduced a first set that featured performances by Jack Carter, Jeff Ehrenberg and Gregg Pratt; Hal Bigelow; Lucy Manning accompanied by Hal Bigelow, and Marc Sullivan. Rev. Joe Cleveland kicked off the second set, followed by Alan Bartenhagen and Dan Berggren. 

Dozens of volunteers made desserts, donated wine and contributed in other ways to the success of the event, which was spearheaded by the Stewardship Committee. Members include Chair Bev Lawson, Jillian Ehrenberg, Cynthia Eletto, Elaine Greeley, and Dan Forbush.