A Postcard of Joe

March 13, 2020
I just wanted to send you a postcard note of sorts from the sabbatical wilds of Wilton town to say that I am thinking of you all during this exceptional time of responding to the Coronavirus.  I’ve been in touch with President Pam and other leaders who are doing such a good job of holding our shared ministry with such care. 

Responding to this crisis is requiring us to be so much more mindful of how we gather and connect with others.  It’s also underlining just how important it is for our wholeness of being to gather and connect. In a time of extreme political and ideological divisiveness, maybe this is a good reminder for us to pay attention.  We are remembering more often now that we need each other.  

And so while this congregation is acting to flatten the curve and contain contagion, we’re also rededicating ourselves to creating community.  We have an opportunity here for creativity and exploration. As we begin experimenting with Zoom as a worship forum there are going to be some virtual bumps and other awkwardness, so I encourage us all to enter into this with a spirit of fun and grace for ourselves and each other.  I’m looking forward to rejoining you soon in these experiments and re-visioned efforts.  

We are a faith that celebrates science in harmony with sacredness, and so we have such a wealth of spiritual resources.  Loving irony as I do, I was very struck with an article about soap, “How Soap Works.” <https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/13/health/soap-coronavirus-handwashing-germs.html> It describes how soap molecules work to break up the molecules of bacteria and viruses.  The author says: “At the molecular level, soap works by breaking things apart, but at the level of society, it helps hold everything together. [. . .] Other people’s lives are in your hands.”  So a spiritual practice I’m adopting now, especially as my sabbatical continues and I’m not with you all as much as I want to be: Every time I wash my hands — and that’s a lot these days! — I’m thinking of you and the people I love.  I wash my hands with care, readying myself for re-connection with you. Sacred soapiness!

Suds of love,
Rev. Joe