Animal Shelter Service Project a Wonderful Success!

UU Friends at Estherville.

Last Sunday, three of our families visited the Estherville Animal Shelter after our Sunday Service.

After unloading all of our UU donations at the Animal Shelter, Sophia and Kathy Mason, Graham and Renee Keeler, and Garrison and Marny Skinner were then treated to a tour of the facilities. Estherville has been a family run shelter for over 50 years and they rely greatly on donations and volunteers. Although the facilities are old, they are kept very clean and tidy for the animals. They have 3 cat houses, two of them are for typically “un-adoptable” cats- those with feline leukemia and those with aids. These cats are able to live a very comfortable life at the shelter. Currently at Estherville there are also dogs, goats, a horse and a bull! A very big thank you to all of you who donated supplies or money for our service project!