Last Week of the Annual Pledge Campaign

The 2020 Stewardship Campaign is entering the final week. If you’ve been waiting until the last moment to make your pledge, you’re in luck. The last moment is finally here!

Pledging online is quick and easy.

Below is an image of the form you’ll see on the website. Type in your name, email, street address, and the amount of your pledge. There are some optional fields as well.

In the coming weeks, you’ll receive info about how to fulfill your pledge next year. The options include automatic debit from your bank account, payments by check, and credit card transactions. There are many ways to give, and this allows you to be flexible.

Many thanks from the Stewardship Committee:
Bev Lawson, Jillian Ehrenberg, Dan Forbush, Cynthia Eletto, and Elaine Greeley