BOT 2020

Does it seem as though the world as we have known it is shifting? It does to me, but among those things that keep me centered are the people with whom I work on the Board. In a social climate where many are tempted to “mail it in” as they say, no one on your Board of Trustees is inclined in that direction. I’m so delighted to be working with people whose commitment to UUCSS is deep and well-considered.

On January 25th, we had our Board retreat at which we worked with material from the book The Nested Bowls: The Promise and Practice of Good Governance by Laura Park, as well as the guiding concept, as articulated by the Governance Task Force, of moving the Board from a reactive body to one that works from a more visionary/prophetic stance. One of the quotes from Park’s book that most spoke to us was, “The purpose of fruitful governance is to liberate the energy and creativity of the congregation to awaken compassion, transform lives, and bless the world.” A tall order to be sure, but certainly not out of line as an aspirational goal. To that end, we began the work of developing goals for the year which focus on new ways to interact with the congregation, clarifying what the new governance system means for how we do business, maintaining constant reflection on how our Board work reflects UU values, and working with the Leadership Committee to encourage and support members of the congregation in assuming leadership roles. When those goals are fleshed out, we will share them with you.

The day after that auspicious 02-02-2020 date, we convened our February Board meeting, the highlights of which are as follows:

  1. Beginning consideration of how to effect a reflection on the alignment of our Board
    work with our UU values at each Board meeting
  2. Reviewing our Annual Certification document for accuracy and completeness
  3. Reviewing the press release regarding our Capital Campaign
  4. Identifying what additional research needs to be done before committing to buying an
    AED for the building
  5. Meeting with Lale Davidson, current chair of SJC, to discuss concerns of that

Ninety minutes fly by considering how many action items collect over the course of a month, leaving little time for the more visionary work, but the Board is committed to going in that direction. We also continue our work throughout the weeks between meetings through email discussions, cumbersome as they may be. We are energized for a year that we hope will see some exciting initiatives.

Blessings and Steady Hearts to all,
Pam Collin
President, Board of Trustees