BOT 2020 — Summary of July 6th Board Meeting

by Pam Collins, Board President

Our July Board meeting this past Monday followed our first joint on-line worship service with the Schenectady church as our guests and it has to be said, it was a great success.  As we continue to meet the challenge of our new reality, it is heartening to see that our efforts to keep the banner of our trust in the Spirit of Life flying high is paying off.

It is our pleasure to report that three members of UUCSS —  Laurie Singer, Sue Ward, and Lale Davidson — attended General Assembly last week as delegates from our congregation.  We are grateful to them for representing us and for bringing back the insights and inspirations they received from the annual gathering of our organization.  In the coming months, those learnings will find their way into the life of UUCSS in various ways.  Rev. Joe also shared that it was a pleasure for him to have other members of UUCSS with whom to share the experience.

In other good news, Mike Goodwin reports that we are steady on course financially.  The credit for that goes to all of you who have continued your financial commitment to this congregation and what it stands for.  

Also reported by Rev. Joe was the first meeting of the Way Forward task force in which they began the task of articulating the principles that will guide them (and us) through the coming months of enacting our UU values and worship in ways that are safe and sustainable.  When that document is completed, the task force will share it with all of you here in Journey Well.  As Board president, I have to say that I very much appreciate that Rev. Joe is so good at clearly laying the philosophical and spiritual groundwork for new initiatives before jumping into the activities that will arise from them.  As someone who tends to be somewhat more impulsive and inclined to leap before I look, I have admiration for Rev. Joe’s attention to context.

And yet another piece of good news…Art Holmberg was so moved by the Sunday service from GA that he has committed to chairing the Stewardship Drive for this year.  A huge “thank you” to Art for stepping into a role that for a while I despaired of ever filling. Mike Goodwin also volunteers to co-chair with Art – and many thanks to Mike for that as well.  I’m confident that our financial future is in good hands and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from Art and Mike and their team in the coming weeks.  

Our new initiative of Web Camps will be starting up in the coming weeks.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, I encourage you to do so.  There’s still time to get into one if you act soon.

In the meantime, remember…