BOT 2020 Update — The Way Forward Task Force

by Pam Collins, Board President

In my last Board summary, I mentioned the development of the “Way Forward” task force.  Below you will find the “official” charge that has been approved by the Board.  Rev. Joe is currently in the process of populated the group which will help us to move into the future safely, thoughtfully and knowledgeably.

Establishment of “Way Forward” Task Force

June 16, 2020

In light of the restrictions on group, face-to-face gatherings imposed as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, UUCSS has been carrying on its worship and various committee and other group meetings via Internet communications (mostly Zoom), since March 2020.  

While it is not clear when it will be prudent to resume in-person gatherings, and given that the UUA has advised the continuation of on-line gathering through May of 2021, Rev. Joe and the Board have discerned that how and when we move back into some form of normalcy requires careful study and consideration.

That being the case, the Board hereby establishes the “Way Forward” Task Force to be convened by Rev. Joe and peopled by representatives of all the major aspects of the ministry and maintenance of UUCSS.

The initial charge of the task force is to:

  1. discern principles that will guide the integration of in-person gatherings to our current virtual operations.  (consider, for example: Do we wait until we all can gather or is some fraction of us enough?  Would we be forcing people to “out” themselves regarding health vulnerabilities?)
  • become familiar with State and Federal guidelines and regulations associated with resuming in-person activities
  •  propose guidelines by which we will emerge from quarantine conditions.  (consider such questions as: What new practices will we need to adopt?  What conditions need to be met for us to have in-person events again?)
  •   propose possible timelines for the inclusion of in-person activities
  •  be made up of a group of congregants who among them have medical expertise, familiarity with the building, and awareness of the diversity of needs among our congregants, and that this group will involve participation of the staff of the congregation including, but not limited to, the Minister and the Administrator.  Whether or not they are active members of the task force, the task force will take into consideration concerns and goals of the (Acting) DRE, the Music Director, and the Housekeeper.

Given the challenging novelty presented by the pandemic, and the uncertainty concerning its trajectory, the Board understands that as the work of this task force proceeds, new information may well come to light that would necessitate alterations to its charge.