BOT 2020

by Pam Collins, President of the Board of Trustees (BOT)

“Leadership’s purpose is to make things better for the people.”  This idea and a powerful reading from Howard Thurman, shared by Laurie Singer, our new President-Elect, set the tone for the first meeting of the 2020 Board this past Monday, Jan. 6th.  We had a full agenda, but rolled up our sleeves and got through most of it. Our work included the following:

— Approval of an Investment Policy as offered by the Finance Committee

— Approval of the dates of May 1 – 3 for rescheduling the Creating the Futures Weekend (more on this to come)

— Establishment of supervisors for UUCSS staff in Rev. Joe’s absence.  Julie Holmberg will work with Merle and Heather in RE, I’ll work with Janice Wold, Laurie with Judith, and Janice with Clare.  Our function will be to work with folks to keep things running smoothly and purposefully while Rev. Joe is away.

— Consideration of initiatives offered by the Communications team.   We approved a policy for Journey Well and agreed (some of us reluctantly) to have a Board “family” photo taken for placement in the sanctuary.  We also decided to hang on to our role as Announcers, so we can continue to make connection with the congregation in that manner.

— Acknowledgement of expressed pleas from some teams for Board support.  We are aware of the need for more volunteers in some of our key teams and will make this an on-going project for the coming year.

— Support for RE.  Julie Holmberg has agreed to coordinate members of the congregation leading “Storytime” in our services.  You will hear more from Julie regarding this initiative, but suffice to say that the Board embraced the notion of connecting with the children and the rest of the congregation through that activity.

— Confirmed the date for the 2020 Board retreat for Jan. 25th at which we will set our goals for the coming year, brainstorm on how best to support our teams, and consider possible new initiatives.

— Began the discussion of what it means to have the new positions of “trustees at large”  rather than trustees as representatives of specific teams, as set by the new by-laws.  

As a Board, we will miss our colleagues who rotated off as a result of the number of Board members being reduced to 7 as per the new by-laws, but happily welcome our new BOT member, Laurie Singer as President-elect.  Laurie brings us a long-time commitment to UUCSS, a spiritual perspective, and a deep and varying knowledge of our Society. We’re delighted to have her presence.

Until next month, blessings and peace,
Pam Collins, Board President