BOT Summary — September 7, 2020

by Pam Collins, Board President

Despite the Labor Day holiday, the Board met Monday as scheduled, faced with a hefty agenda, but we managed it quite nicely.

First on our agenda was the news that Gregg Pratt is leaving his long-held leadership role as chair of the Personnel Committee.  Gregg has served tirelessly and expertly in this role for as long as many can remember and deserves a break.  We will miss his expert guidance, but a compassionate community recognizes the need for people to attend to other issues.  This leaves a vacancy that will be difficult, but not impossible, to fill.  The Board has confidence that among the many talented people in our congregation is one who will step up to assume this important role.

In a similar vein, as we approach the end of 2020, we need to begin the call for a new Vice President, or, as the new terminology would have it, President-Elect.  Our Past President, Julie Holmberg, will shortly convene the Leadership team and begin the process of canvassing individuals who might be interested in taking on this important and fulfilling (yes, it is has its pleasures) job.  As current President, I can say honestly that serving our beloved community in this capacity has made me appreciate UUCSS even more than I did before.  I’ve watched as the pledges continue to come in, despite our inability to “do church” as we are used to.  I’ve been supported by a thoughtful, creative, committed and compassionate Board.  I’ve very much enjoyed working closely with Rev. Joe especially as we work to ensure the vibrancy of UUCSS despite the current limitations.  As president, my primary job is coordination.  The energy, creativity, and action comes from others.  I will also say that the new By-Laws and governance structure have clarified and simplified the role of the Board.  So…being president is just this side of a piece of cake.  

As the trajectory of the pandemic remains unclear, the Way Forward Task Force has determined that making decisions about how to return to “normal” can’t be accomplished at this point.  To that end, the Board passed a motion last night that our building will remain closed to all activity until further notice.  Some groups have been meeting face to face in outdoor situations during the summer, but of course, that won’t be feasible much longer.  If folks have thought that perhaps they could meet at 624 North Broadway in small groups, the Board has determined that our building is not suited for that at this point.  Group meetings will continue to transpire on Zoom.  At this point we have two Zoom accounts that are available to the congregation.  To reserve time for a Zoom meeting, folks should contact Janice and schedule with her.  Rest assured that Rev. Joe, the Way Forward Task Force and the Board will stay aware of the realities of the pandemic and will consider opening the building as soon as we deem it’s safe and wise to do so.

The Stewardship Drive is well underway.  By next week, people should be receiving, via snail-mail, a stewardship letter and pledge form.  In these uncertain times, we have determined it best to maintain a flat budget going forward.  We have every confidence that we can meet that goal.  As we watch the participation numbers in our on-line services, it’s clear that folks are still committed to UUCSS and finding solace and inspiration in our services, virtual though they may be.  There are also a number of small group initiatives going on that speak to our commitment to stay connected with each other and finally, the Care Team has continued to be a life-line for a number of people in our faith community.  UUCSS is alive and well, COVID not withstanding.

Finally, the Board has agreed to change our meeting time from the first Monday of the Month, to the last.  This decision was made primarily to accommodate receiving timely and relevant financial reports.  We will also be convening at 6:30 instead of 7:00.

May you all be well and finding joy where you can.