Brent Wilkes

Many congregants will remember Brent Wilkes, a former very active member who served as President of UUCSS for two years a few years ago before retiring to the Boston area with his wife Linda. He has shared that he has been in and out of the hospital for the last four months undergoing extensive medical care to address a resurgence of prostate cancer and the presence of another ill-defined cancer. The result has been multiple debilitating rounds of chemotherapy and a tremendous amount of uncertainty and angst. Two more rounds of chemo are scheduled.

He is now at home, leading a life between bed and recliner. He says he vacillates between feeling fortunate for what he does have or sad fo what he has lost, trying to meet each day “with as much of my spirit intact as I can, hoping for a better day.” He would welcome your healing thoughts and words.

His email is Address: 10B Heron Circle, Gloucester MA 01930.