Calling All Writers! UUCSS Writing Workshop Coming Soon!

Nan Asher, seasoned writing workshop facilitator, would like to begin a writing workshop for our members who want to share their own prose , poetry, fiction or drama. We can easily work with Zoom until we are able to meet in person. Please email Nan with your preferred times and days and indicate which genre(s) you work in. We can work with genres separately or together in the same meetings. We can contribute just for fun, or we can work with an eye toward publication.

A schedule for our activities might look like this: 

1st deadline June________
Reading time
1st Discussion_____
2nd Discussion_____
Second Deadline July ______
1st Discussion  July_____
2nd Discussion July_____

And so on…….As soon as we have three or four manuscripts, we can begin. You can send them as soon as possible along with your preferred times and days in attachments, DS, one-sided 8 1/2″ by 11″ to

I’ll get back to you as soon as I have collected three or more contributions. For this first round let’s keep it to one to three poems, a short story, a feature article, a short memoir, a one act play, or a chapter from a longer work. 

Looking forward