Campaign Notes, June 2019


UUCSS Building and Campaign Planning Meeting was held on May 28, attended by the Board of Trustees and members of committees whose work will be affected and (who will be called upon) as we pursue the goal of building a new home form our congregation

Purpose was to create a shared understanding of what we have accomplished to date and what our various roles and responsibilities be as we move forward in this process

In the course of our discussions we were able to:

  • Clarify our process for making an offer on a desirable property
  • Identify a few areas where some additional information would useful for our decision-making
  • Identify tasks that will fall to various committees as we move through this process
  • Affirm that as we continue to plan and organize for the future, we can and should move ahead with purchasing land on which to build our new home

Planning committee chaired by Harry Moran at the center of this step. 

Final conversation led to an overview of the Capital Campaign that UUCSS will need to engage over the next 2-3 years to realize our vision for the future

  • Identified the various items that need to be accounted for in establishing the overall dollar goal for the campaign
  • Identified the various tasks that the Campaign team will need to accomplish
  • Considered how to align the Capital Campaign with our annual stewardship fund drive

Based on these discussions, a proposal with for a 3-phase campaign has been developed: (1) Foundation, in which we purchase land; (2) Vision, in which we work with an architect and site design engineer to create the design for our new home; (3) Realization: in which we build our new home, move in and open our doors to the community; and a funding goal has been attached to each.

We will share more specifics about the overall campaign design once BOT and Finance Com have had a chance to review the proposal.

We are very close to reaching the funding goal for our Foundation phase, but we still have work to do.  Expect to hear more about this soon! 

In the meantime:

We encourage you to pledge if you have not yet already.  You may go online to do so and/or speak with me or Mike Goodwin about making a pledge to complete the Foundation phase, so that we have the funds necessary to purchase land should a desirable parcel become available.

Campaign team has also been charged with developing a “return policy” for Capital pledges.  Though we certainly don’t intend to, should we fail in our efforts to secure a new home of UUCSS, we will have a policy to return gifts made to the congregation for this express purpose.  We will honor the purpose for which all capital gifts are made to UUCSS. 

Take away point: all those involved with the business of securing a new home for UUCSS spent an evening sharing perspectives, concerns and vision about our process for securing it. We now have a blueprint for how to move forward, and though some elements will certainly change we have defined and affirmed a way ahead!

-Sue Bender