Care Team Recommends Several Films on the Topic of Dying with Dignity

The Care Team, which has been lobbying for NYS’s passage of the Medical Aid in Dyng Act, recommends several films.

The topic of death with dignity is a difficult but important one.  In the fictional film Here Awhile, terminally ill Anna returns to Oregon to reconnect with her estranged brother while simultaneously making the heart-wrenching choice to end her life putting to use Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act.

The intimate Sundance Award-winning documentary How to Die in Oregon is a powerful, compassionate exploration of Oregon’s historic Death with Dignity Act, which legalizes physician aid-in-dying for some terminally ill patients. In addition, PBS has recently broadcast the documentary When My Time Comes which chronicles the investigation into many of the issues impacting the right-to-die movement in America.  

Trailer for Here Awhile—

Here Awhile website including how to watch film:

The film should be free on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu Plus, $3.99 on You Tube

Trailer for How to Die in Oregon—

How to Die in Oregon website:

Should be free on Vudu and Tubi, $3.99 to rent on Amazon Prime

Trailer for When My Time Comes–

Film can be viewed at