Church Chat Recap – 6/2/19

A Church Chat was held after the service on June 2, 2019. The purpose of Church Chat meetings is to update the congregation on current projects undertaken by the Board of Trustees and committees at UU Saratoga.

News reported by Julie Holmberg, President of the Congregation: 

  • We’ve reached the happy five-year anniversary of our calling of Reverend Joe to our congregation. That means it’s time to start planning for a three-month sabbatical he’s entitled to take before reaching his seventh anniversary;  
  • We’ve signed an agreement with Nexamp to join a community solar farm, a move that will enable us to save ten percent on our electric bill. We plan to join Nexamp in a public announcement. 
  • The search for new land (and eventually a new building) is going strong. See the updates here.