Did You Forget to Pledge?

Recent weeks and months have been filled with so many concerns:  the death of RBG, the threat of a fall pandemic surge, and a critical election to be decided in less than 20 days.  It’s easy to forget about more mundane matters.  But, do you recall how critical our beloved UU community has been in these times?  It has offered us moments of peace as we connect with each other and affirm our most central values in Sunday zoom services, web camps, and other gatherings.  By committing ourselves to the financial support of our beloved community, we make a statement about what we value: knowledge, compassion, justice, and, above all, love.  

Please don’t let your support for UUCSS lapse at this critical time. We still have a long way to go to meet the very modest funding goal that we have set for 2021, a flat budget of $186,863. There is still much left to do. Let’s live into our values with our pledges.  You can simply email your pledge information to Mike Goodwin at jmgoodwin55@gmail.com, if you haven’t already done so.

You can also use the following link to continue to send in your 2020 pledges https://bit.ly/GiftUUSaratoga

If you wish your pledge to go towards your 2021 pledge, please click on the following link to be taken directly to the 2021 pledge form:  https://bit.ly/UUSaratoga2021.

There is a love holding all.