Still need a Face Mask? We Can Help!

Posted 4/28/20

Dear Members and Friends,
Some of the women of the congregation have been making face masks for a number of weeks. We have made some for Saratoga Hospital and for Shelters of Saratoga and Code Blue (see full story above). This week we are pausing to make masks for those in the congregation who need one. Remember, you are wearing the mask to keep from spreading corona virus infected droplets into the atmosphere. A large number of those with corona virus have no symptoms for days before they have symptoms and thus are spreading the virus through sneezing, coughing and just talking.

We have limited seamstresses and fabric and no elastic since it is impossible to get it now. But we are creating ear pieces and ties from other fabrics. If anyone has pieces of fabric and/or elastic that can be donated to the cause, please let me know. We can especially use the elastic.

If you need a mask, please click on the link below “Mask Order Form” to be taken to a form where you can fill in your details. Your order will then be received by the sewers. We will notify you when your mask is ready for pick up in a bin on Lawson’s front porch. How quickly we get the mask to you depends upon the number of requests we receive. Please do not order more than one mask per person in your household. The masks are washable and can be used multiple times. Just rinse them out in warm water and detergent and hang them up to dry.

Please note: Masks are $5 each.  If you do not wish to pay on line, enter O, and pay when you pick up your mask.  If this presents a hardship for you, please discuss it with the person who contacts you about your mask.

Mask Order Form