Tonight! The Quarantine Coffee House, 7 PM


Last chance to purchase your tickets for the Quarantine Coffee House tonight via Zoom.

We will open the Zoom at 6:30 for chatting.  Entertainment will start at 7:00.  It will be an enjoyable night of music, story, poetry and community! The program will begin at 7 PM.  The chat room will be open at 6:30 providing an opportunity to  talk with your friends before the entertainment begins. 

The Coffee House will offer a wide variety of music and other entertainment.  Our very own funny man Peter Marino will be the emcee for the evening.  I’m sure he will give us cause to laugh!  Story tellers Christie Keegan and Margaret French will share stories with us.  There will be a poetry reading.  Judith Thomas will play jazz  and then perform a short piece with her husband Rabbi Josef Solomon.  Susan Siplon will entertain us with song, and Jeanne Caverly will perform on the harp.  New to our list are Nedra Stimpfle who will offer poetry readings, and Kate and Dan Fisher who will play the keyboard and guitar respectively while they sing.  Dan Berggren will close out the evening with ‘Adirondack Tales and Beyond’.

Admission is $15 per adult, $50 for four or more adults zooming in together. 

Tickets can be purchased here now (link also at the bottom of this post), which will take you to an order form in Breeze. The Zoom room will be at:, but it will be password-protected. Ticket-holders will be emailed the secret handshake allowing entrance.

Please support our fund raiser by buying a ticket and joining us for a special evening of unique entertainment. We guarantee that you will have a fun evening.

Thank you.
Bev Lawson, Fundraising Chair
Cynthia Eletto, the one and only other member of the committee

Ticket Order Form