Exciting RE News!

For the next year, during this exceptional time of pandemic conditions and while we consider the long term direction of our program, we will be collaborating on Religious Education with Albany UU.  

This collaboration will give our children and youth access to programming that we simply would not be able to offer on our own.  
The primary schedule will be to offer RE for all at 11:30 on Sundays.  Briefly, here’s an overview of the RE plans:

  • Pre-K – 1st grade: very short online sessions with the option of materials for engaging in faith formation at home
  • 2nd-5th grade: Short story-based sessions following the Soul Matters monthly themes.  If enough children are registered, we may split this into a 2nd-3rd grade and a 4th-5th grade group.
  • 6th-7th grade:  “Crossing Paths,” a world’s religions curriculum developed by Soul Matters that incorporates the monthly themes and is adapted for an online format.  
  • 8th-9th grade:  a book group, with titles chosen to amplify Black voices and relate to the Black Lives Matter movement.  We are starting with the graphic novel March about John Lewis’s quest for civil rights
  • There is also a 10th-12th grade YoUUth group that will largely set its own agenda and meeting times.

The first thing to do is to REGISTER children for the program.  It is especially important for parents/caregivers to register their children this year.  This way we will know how to plan for each group, and ensure you have the passwords to our online events. Correct contact information is vital for communication this year.  

Click here http://albanyuu.org/register-your-child/ to register!
You will see registration fees on the registration form.  We will be contributing as a congregation toward RE so please leave payment blank on the registration form.  You might take this account when thinking about your UU Saratoga pledge for 2021.   
The UU Saratoga RE Team and the Albany UU RE Council are enthusiastic about this opportunity to collaborate in this way — which, frankly, we are able to do because we are having to work online these days.

The RE Team and Rev. Joe will be selecting someone to act as RE liaison between us and Albany UU.  Until then, if you have questions, please contact Rev. Joe at 518-290-0284 or RevJoeUUCSS@gmail.  

We are grateful for the support that our Acting DRE, Merle O’Connor, has given us since the new year.  She will be leaving her position at the end of September to focus on her Real Estate career which has become quite busy during this hot market.  Merle wants you to know how very much she has enjoyed getting to know our kids.  And even though she’ll be stepping down at the end of September, Merle plans on staying in touch and attending services whenever possible.  Our collaboration with Albany UU over the next year will provide us with not just stability but exciting opportunities and give us the time to be mindful about our long-term plans for RE.  

We’ll be having an all-ages family chat this Sunday at 11:30.  Everyone is welcome!  I hope to see you there.

For a full description of RE plans, see this very detailed document.  
Rev. Joe, on behalf of the RE Team and the Board