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Why Bother?

By Laurie Singer, Vice President. I have always loved decorating for Christmas.  Once  I was in my own home, it quickly became the family gathering place, most especially for the parents visiting from Buffalo, my sister and her family...a niece and nephew I couldn't love more if they were my own children, and my husband, who tried hard to be the humbug, but always ended up being the life of the party. 

Thoughts on Leadership

by Pam Collins. As president of your Board, this vantage point has given me some thoughts on leadership that I'd like to share with you... I don't think it's over-stating the case that on many levels this country is facing a crisis of leadership. There are a lot of people in positions of leadership that ought not to be, and many who should be that resist leadership roles with all their might. And there are those who step into the fray despite the chaos, the threats, the responsibility, and the inevitability of criticism no matter what they do.
Brent & Linda Wilkes

A Tribute to Brent Wilkes

This tribute to Brent, who passed away on September 10, details more of his irreplaceable contribution to our congregation and to the man himself, who will be missed by so many.

Political Correctness, A Few Thoughts

“Perhaps those we disagree with come out of more integrity than we might allow for. Perhaps our righteousness sometimes flirts with self righteousness.”

Rev. Thomas Mikelson: A Multicolored Ministry

In the two years I served as Director of Music under Rev. Thomas Mikelson, I observed that, like a true Renaissance man, Thomas had a kaleidoscopic view of life.

A Sermon on the Threshold

When Rev. Thomas J.S. Mikelson, who died a couple weeks ago due to complications of the coronavirus, delivered his last sermon to our congregation, he was trying to help us recognize the moment that we were in. That moment was a moment of transition and change.

Separately Together: Finding the Path Forward Living our UU Values

"This pandemic is real and it is likely the beginning of a great turning. Do we have the courage to embrace being alive in this time? There is always room for choice." By Pam Collins, in collaboration with Laurie Singer.

The Back Story on Face Masks

Read how our team of talented sewers donated their time, valuable skills, and sometimes scarce supplies to take on this mammoth task of providing masks for us and our community. We are beyond proud of these wonderful ladies!

Remembering Rev. Thomas J. S. Mikelson

We are very saddened at the death of Rev. Thomas J. S. Mikelson. He is much beloved by our congregation as he was the Interim Minister who loved this young congregation through its first ministerial transition. He served us from 2012-2014.

And the People Stayed at Home

Submitted by Alan Bartenhagen


by Pam Collins

Love in the Time of Zoom Worship

by Pam Collins, President of the Board of Trustees

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