Get Ready for a New Year in Religious Exploration!

Join and Serve! The end of summer seems to be creeping up quickly! With that brings a few housekeeping items I want to review going into this new season of Religious Exploration classes. 

  • Keep an eye out for Registration starting September 1. I realize that this is Labor Day weekend, and many of you may not be at the service. However, please try to complete your registration within the first couple weeks of the month. It’s very helpful for us to know how many children will participate in classes, and what age/grade they are in, in order for us to plan our curricula appropriately. We plan to have a K-2 grade class, 3-5 grade class, and a Youth Group. All classes will meet during the service, starting 10 am. Youth Group will meet in the Sanctuary and then head up to Skidmore campus for their class. 
  • If you have a child moving from the nursery into our K-2 class, please let me know how we can best support you and your child in that transition. Generally, we invite the children to join us these last few Sundays in the Chapin Room when classes are smaller and a little less overwhelming, to begin adjusting to new faces and places in the building. A great space to let your children interact with new friends is on our playground after service. You can always accompany your child to play on the playground during coffee hour, chat with other parents and get to know other families in our congregation. Please help your children put all toys in the sandbox and close the umbrella before you leave the playground. 
  • Feel free to join us in class whenever you’d like! We always welcome caregivers in our classrooms for visits or to assist with a class. If you’d like to be a Mystery Reader, or bring a show and tell item that relates to your family’s spiritual life, that’s awesome too! I have shared my Mother’s rosary and picture of her first communion; another friend shared her mother’s Muslim prayer rug; friends have brought in menorahs and other symbols of religious or spiritual practice as well. It’s a nice way to connect with your child and our class in a meaningful way. We also understand and respect your plans to benefit from the service in the Sanctuary, and understand how important that time of quiet and spiritual growth is.  
  • In September we will begin The Traveling Chalice program again! Look out for the sign-up sheet at the back of congregation near the RE Bulletin Board and more details to come!
  • Serve the most precious members of our congregation as a Guide or Helper – Simply put, how do you ensure that our message and community lives on? You nurture the newest and youngest members of our congregation. The faith of the open mind, loving heart, helpings hands – where we care for the earth and EACH OTHER! Guides serve in teams and are assigned to a class from September to June. Your commitment is typically 2 times a month during RE classes, where you deliver a lesson or presentation with assistance from your Helper and the Director of Religious Exploration. However, you and your team can decide how you want to break up the guiding commitment and lessons, with input and support from the DRE and RE Committee. Helpers assist the Guide and the children throughout the class. Your commitment can be as often as you want – once a year, once a season, once a month. Your help makes a big difference. Often you are listening, supporting, learning, offering a high five, a hug, a tissue or maybe passing the crayons. You get to play with play dough, garden, make yummy food and cool creations and offer your own spiritual journey to our youth. 
  • Please contact Julie Lewis, DRE if you have questions or are ready to sign up! or 518-727-7941