Getting to Know … Heidi Patrice Marie

With roots in South Florida, the Caribbean, and Switzerland, Heidi Patrice Marie moved to the Capital Region four years ago as a lifestyle balance coach, holistic practitioner and non-denominational minister with the Alliance of Divine Love. She also is available for care-taking and house- and pet-sitting.

Heidi started out in the hotel and restaurant industry, earning her degree in Switzerland. Along the way she earned a bachelors degree in legal studies from Barry University.

Drawn to UU Saratoga by our Seven Principles and the people she’s found here, Heidi signed the book in 2016. She has particular interests in nature, the arts, ballroom and Latin dancing, and acting, plus “discovering, exploring, and seeking new adventure.”

Organizations with which she volunteers include the World Awareness Children’s Museum in Glens Falls, Pitney Meadows Community Farm, Saratoga PLAN, Wilton Wildlife Preserve, and the Agricultural Stewardship Association.

Exploring her interest in acting, Heidi has an upcoming role in Couples, a series of short pieces and plays written by Lee A. Gooden that will be performed by The Pantry Players June 27th and 28th at Samantha’s Cafe in downtown Glens Falls.

“It’s so interesting to find myself acting in a community theater, something I’ve never participated in previously,” says Heidi.  “I’m finding it a way to continuously expand my horizons, which has been a constant part of my journey. I’ve been part of an improv group in Schuylerville over the last year and that’s made a big difference in my acting.