Honoring Our Beloved Dead

It has become an annual practice for us to honor and remember our loved ones who have died.  Usually, inspired by the altar-making traditions of Dia de los Muertos and other faith traditions, we have created an altar together in our sanctuary featuring photographs of our loved ones and names written on colorful construction-paper “leaves.” 

Since we’re having to be online this year, we will make a virtual “altar” in the form of a slideshow made from pictures and names you contribute.   

Please send us a picture or pictures of loved ones you want to honor and remember.  Please also tell us their names and a word that names a quality or a lesson you have learned from them.  If you would like to be crafty, you can cut leaves from construction paper to carry names and words, use pictures and candles, and set up an altar in your own home—then take a picture of your altar to share with us. If you click on the following blue link Leaf Template for Service, you can use the leaf template (as seen below) which we have used to cut out leaves for previous years’ services. If you have any issues with downloading the template, please let Janice know at uusaratoga@gmail.com

The service will take place on November 1st, so please send your pictures to Diane Allegro diane.allegro@outlook.com by October 28.  (Much thanks to Diane for volunteering to help us with this!)

Let’s continue to take advantage of these virtual ways of being together!  We need one another.

Rev. Joe