Update on Call for Fundraising Help

I am wondering what comes next in Cynthia Eletto’s and my efforts to raise funds for UUCSS.

I had a dream that we could have a craft fair by the side of the road in front of my house in late summer/early fall called Christmas in September (or August) with self serve, masks and social distancing if needed. We get plenty of traffic on our street; and Murray, Arliss, and I raised over $1000 from the sale of my perennials and Murray and Arliss’ tomatoes and herbs without any advertising except a sign by the road.

Update: I am pleased to say that we’ve had a wonderful response to our call for people to join myself and Cynthia in brainstorming for new fundraising events. We will soon be meeting in Zoom and putting our heads together to come up with ideas to help UUCSS keep doing the wonderful work it does.

Bev Lawson.

Fundraising to Date for 2020
To date, here is what the fundraising committee (Bev and Cynthia, with honorary member Rev Joe) has raised for 2020.

April Music Night: $1300.00
Tomato, herb and Perennial Sale: $1031.00
Tomato sale at Old Saratoga: $472.80
Coffee House on June 5th: $990.00
Donations from mask making: $750.00

These numbers are not exact since for each on-line ticket order a small amount of money is taken to pay for the transaction, the mask donations are an estimate, etc. But I would say we have raised about $4500 in the most unusual of times.

Special thanks go to all of the musicians, storytellers and poets who have performed in the Coffee House and Music Night.  They have all been named in previous Journey Well issues. Thanks to all the church members who sewed masks. And thanks to Arliss and Murray for growing tomatoes and herbs and  to Art and Julie for assisting with the transplanting. And a big thanks to Old Saratoga Nursery for selling tomatoes that Murray and Arliss started and giving our church a percentage of the sales. Rev Joe deserves accolades for all the work and learning he has done to facilitate our two evenings of music, stories and poems.

Bev Lawson.Chair, Fundraising Committee
Cynthia Eletto, sole member of the committee