Immigrant Stories to Celebrate Family July 30 at Caffe Lena

Immigrants will tell their stories through photographs, songs and mediums other than stories alone in “Celebrating Family,” a free program taking place at Caffe Lena Tuesday evening, July 30. The program will start at 6:30 p.m. and be followed by a short vigil at 8:30 p.m 

In acknowledgment of the Saratoga Race Course backstretch immigrant community, and the often unseen yet significant role they play in making Saratoga Springs “the summer place to be,” an effort has been made to include members of the backstretch community and their families.  An (exercise rider) father and (groom) son will speak of childhoods in Ecuador; race track Chaplain Humberto Chavez will give insights about the race track family community; Ericka O’Donnell will bring songs of Peru; and the halls of Caffe Lena will be lined with VISION photos taken by workers and drawings by children from local farms and the backstretch.  

Rev. Joe Cleveland will lend his voice and guitar to the event.  All contributions, in some way, will reflect the theme of family.   

“Family means different things to different people and the stories of our past and present situations – and how they are related – vary as widely as the common threads that enable us to connect as human beings,” said event coordinator Maxine Lindig Lautenberg. 

The evening will conclude with a short vigil at 8:30 p.m., immediately following the Immigrant Stories program.  Those attending the program at Caffe Lena are invited to take the short walk to the Spirit of Life Monument in Congress Park.  The public is welcome; attendance at Caffe Lena not required. The vigil is to honor immigrant families worldwide and will conclude by 9:00 p.m.

Donations received will go to support camp programs for children of backstretch workers.   

For more information, write or call 518-306-1313. Facebook Page.