Important Message from the Leadership Committee

Greetings from the members of your Leadership Committee!  We are launching a congregation-wide survey in order to understand better the talents, interests and secret skills that we know you have, and that you would love to share with our beloved community. More information, and the survey itself, will appear in the near future.  For now, the Leadership Committee wants to know about you because:

  • The Congregation exists for, and as a result of, its members, friends and professional staff;
  • To serve the broader community as well as the Congregation, the time, talents and treasures of all are needed;
  • To realize our dreams and fulfill our mission – formalized in our Unitarian Universalist principles – we need each other;
  • After a year of COVID enforced social distancing, and with the wonders of being together again on the horizon, we need to be back in touch with each other, and learn about new friends;
  • The Leadership Committee has a mission of identifying new congregational leaders, and of educating the congregation about the rewards and responsibilities of leadership.  Collectively, we – yes, you also – are our new leaders.

Watch this space in upcoming editions of Journey Well for the survey!

In fellowship and peace,
Pam Collins [Chair], Bill Boehmke, Art Holmberg, Margie Shepard, Dick Wilkinson