Re-introducing “Journey Well”

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

The Communications Team has been exploring ways to improve the way we communicate as a congregation, closely examining the entire array of our interactions and fine-tuning our outputs so as to become more plugged in as a group.

Seventy-one members participated in our recent survey, a great response we very much appreciate. We summarize the results here. Based on these findings, we’re confident that our new weekly newsletter will be welcomed as a big step forward visually and technologically.

Rather than sending you our news and announcements in a PDF document, we’re taking advantage of the WordPress/Mailchimp interface to forward items posted on the News & Events page of our Web site. As you’ll see at this Sunday’s service, we’ll sharply reduce the number of announcements and direct you to the revamped News & Events page you’ll find on our website at 

We’re calling the email newsletter “Journey Well,” the name of the quilt that hangs in the sanctuary and a name that has been used in our UU communication throughout the years.

We welcome feedback. The Communications Team is comprised of Jillian Ehrenberg, Dan Forbush, Dick Wilkinson, Janice Wold, and Mike Egerman, with support from Rev. Joe.