Jeremy Reflections: Discovering Grace at Life’s End

Four and a half years ago, Jeremy Sykes was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a terminal disease which gradually shut down his lungs.  Sadly, Jeremy passed away on December 20th.

Jeremy faced this end of life time with a great deal of courage and grace, and had been sharing insights with friends and after services on Sunday mornings.  

Several people asked if those insights might be shared more widely, so we have been hosting a blog page called “Jeremy Reflections: Discovering Grace at Life’s End.”  In what Jeremy posted there before his passing, he shared how “the manner that I have been given to die is turning out to be a blessing.”  And he shared a story of a beautiful moment of insight starting with a bird’s song that led him to an experience of the world, the cosmos, as “a greater evolving harmony.”  

As Jeremy grew weaker, he was not able to add many more posts to this blog, but what he did post is a real gift.   

Jeremy, you inspired harmony in those around you and in this congregation, and we are grateful.  And that harmony, evolving, will not fade. 

Please click the following link to read Jeremy’s posts