Join the Flag Day Parade!

Saturday, June 8th, is the BIG FLAG DAY PARADE and we are in it!

Preparations: The vehicles to be decorated (Hal Bigelow’s truck, and Eric Lawson’s car and trailer) will be in the UU parking lot at 10 am Saturday to be decorated. Decorators, please be present with decorations/ready to help decorate then. We must be in the parade line up by 11:30 am. We will line up on the west side of N. Broadway on First Ave., one block down from UUCSS. The parade starts at noon and we should be moving by 12:30 pm at the latest. Those who aren’t riding in the cars will walk down to Congress Park with our banner and flags and showing Saratoga Springs who we are. The more the merrier!

The parade terminates at Congress and Broadway and we will return the vehicles with passengers to the church thereafter. The weather forecast for Saturday is a splendid 78 degrees and sunny – lets hope it holds!

If you have your UUCSS, black LOVE T-shirts, please don them for the parade (Fergus and Barley, our animal outliers, will be separately decorated.) It should be great fun!!

Don’t forget to upload the photos you take to the UU Saratoga Facebook Group. To add your photos to the congregation’s photo archive, send Jillian Ehrenberg an email and she’ll give you upload instructions.