Joys and Sorrows

To preserve the privacy of our congregants, The Care Team has decided that we will no longer share joys and sorrows through our Journey Well newsletter, which is available to a wide audience beyond our church community.  Since our announcement last week, we now have in place Zoom church services for the duration of our “physical distancing”, which will allow us to share the joys and sorrows of our individual lives among ourselves.  In addition, if you have a Facebook account, you can also share this information in our closed Facebook group (NOT the Facebook page, which is more public).  

To join this group, search for UU Saratoga Springs on Facebook and ask to be added.  For those who are unable to attend the Zoom services and/or don’t want to utilize Facebook, we look forward to hearing your joys or sorrows through email or by phone.  Contact us by email at or by calling any Care Team member listed below.  

We would like to add that receiving cards and, most especially, hearing a human voice through phone calls in these isolating times can be very uplifting.  Thank you all for continuing to connect with others in our church community in these ways.

In deep gratitude for our connections,

The UUCSS Care Team—Nancy Berggren, Marian Bigelow, Bev Lawson, Faye Mihuta, Linda Miner, Arliss Nygard, Tari Lee Sykes.