June’s GATP – Saratoga Senior Center

For the month of June, the Social Justice Team has selected the Saratoga Senior Center as the recipient of our Give Away the Plate program. You have the opportunity to donate during our Sunday service on June 7th as well as through the link below that will be available for the entire month.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand on the Center has been massive. In Jan/Feb they supported 77 people, but in March/April that number grew to 1,800! Nearly all their expected revenue has ceased, increasing their need for our help. The Center provides critical services to our seniors including grocery and prescription shopping, errands and yard work, and delivering masks/games, etc.

To add to our gift to Saratoga Senior Center, go to https://uusaratoga.org/make-a-gift-online/  and choose the “Give Away The Plate” fund. Or text the amount of your gift followed by “GATP” to 518-333-9140.  For example, to give $100, text “100 GATP” to 518-333-9140.

Special note from our Treasurer: Please clearly designate where you want your online donation to go by using the drop down menu. Any donation to the general fund will be credited as a non-pledge contribution.