Learn more about Racism, the Civilian Review Board and the need for it in Saratoga Springs

At 7 PM on Tuesday, September 22nd, a Zoom meeting will be presented by people engaged in a local Racism Seminar led by Rev. Kathy Johnson. Eric Lawson will present on the Elements of Dispute Resolution and their presence in the Civilian Review Board now pending before Public Safety Commissioner Robin Dalton. Ray Anderson, a professional instructor on racism and an  advocate for persons preparing for EOC proceedings, will lead a discussion on the value of a CRB to marginalized people, particularly those victimised by racism.

On October 22nd, the Racism Seminar will offer a Zoom session featuring Dr. Alice Green, a well known advocate in Albany for people of color and the founder in 1985 of the Center for Law and Justice. She will be presenting on Racism and Diversity in the Adirondacks.

Both sessions will have interactive opportunities.  

To make sure you have the address needed to access the sessions, please contact Kathy Johnson at pyramidofpotential56@gmail.com.

Eric Lawson