Latest Message from the Leadership Committee

Greetings, again, from your Leadership Committee!

This is the second installment of our project introducing, or re-introducing our Teams and Committees, to educate our Congregation and solicit help in filling positions on these critical groups. We will introduce two of our groups each week in Journey Well and follow these introductions with a survey of your interests, talents and secret longings in the late summer/early fall. So, stay tuned and by all means feel free to volunteer whenever the spirit moves you! This week we feature our dedicated money-makers, the Stewardship and Fundraising Teams.

The Stewardship Team
Our Congregation exists because of the volunteer efforts of its members, its small and amazingly effective professional staff, and its real and virtual facilities. All but the first of these require funding, and it is the mission of the Stewardship Team to lead us in the quest to provide most of this funding. Team members share a vision of inclusive membership and commitment to the financial wellbeing of our Congregation. Our stewardship activities are ongoing, and culminate in the annual pledge drive in the fall. Art Holmberg is the current chair of Stewardship, and he will be delighted to welcome you to this all-important group of volunteers.

The Fundraising Team
The Fundraising Team has as its mission the raising of money beyond that which our Stewardship efforts can accomplish. In recent years, this has meant creating a wide variety of participant events to raise about $12,500. Like many of our groups, the Team has a core of people charged with planning and organization, and a large and varying group of “friends” who join in on one or more activities during the year. Volunteers are needed for both of these levels of support! In case you have somehow missed these activities, the Team has engaged the Congregation in wreath making, wine and dessert events, service and goods auctions, music nights, craft fairs, delivered and in-house meals, to name some. All of these are both social and money-making events, and the Team is looking for people to join in these activities and to help plan for even more.
Bev Lawson and Cynthia Eletto are the contact people, and are very ready to be contacted!