Miss Church? Come to Our Open House in Zoom

in lieu of the face-to-face worship service we ordinarily would have at the Meeting House tomorrow, the Communications Team is joining with the Board of Trustees and the Worship and Membership teams in hosting an online open house in Zoom. We’ll spend an hour exploring and testing Zoom’s ability to support a variety of online interactions.
To join, click here a few minutes before 10 a.m.: https://zoom.us/j/272405342
Meeting ID: 272 405 34.

If a technical problem prevents you from joining via computer, dial in for audio at +1 646 876 9923. Key in this Meeting ID: 272 405 342

Zoom can be a powerful tool not only for supporting online worship services, but also Board and committee meetings and small-group ministry. For just $14,99 per month, our Pro account allows us to conduct unlimited meetings of unlimited duration with up to 100 people. 

Tomorrow’s session will enable us to put Zoom through its paces and master its intricacies. Although we’ll have no formal agenda, we’ll use this gathering as an opportunity to identify key issues confronting the congregation in this extraordinary time and to plan a series of online gatherings to be held every Sunday going forward. On March 22nd, we’ll present “Perspectives on a Pandemic: Staying Connected in a Coronavirus World.” Tomorrow’s meetup is a practice run.

Here are a few suggestions to make your participation in tomorrow’s open house as issue-free as possible:

  • Use an updated version of Chrome as your browser if possible. That appears to be most compatible with the platform. 
  • Set Zoom to “mute” when not talking. 
  • Use headphones for optimal audio. 
  • Give some thought in advance go any news or reports you’d like to share or to any suggestions you may have to keep our congregation’s sense of community strong in the weeks and months ahead. 

Meeting in Zoom won’t have quite the same vibe as our face to face coffee hour, but it can be a powerful substitute and make our efforts at social distancing a tad easier to bear. We hope you’ll pour yourself a cup of coffee, power up your machine, settle in, and join us.