Moving from Me to We

The annual joint worship service of our 5 Unitarian Universalist congregations will occur online this year on Sunday, April 5.  Gather online starting at 10:00 and the service will run 10:30-11:30.

This year’s service is “Shared Ministry: Moving from Me to We” with UUA consultant Paula Cole Jones.

At 12:30, please join in for a workshop on “Building a Community of Communities” with Paula Cole Jones.  Our UU congregations are not homogeneous nor do they put much truck in hierarchical organization. We are better understood as an community made up of overlapping communities.  Come discover a new language of community that can result in greater well-being and build Beloved Community. Help bring our UU faith to life as together we explore a counter-cultural approach to supporting inclusion and pluralism.

The Hudson‐Mohawk Cluster gives us a chance to expand our sense of community by engaging with people from neighboring congregations.  Join in to explore what we can do together to strengthen the UU experience. And take advantage of this opportunity to meet people who are involved in worship arts, religious education, adult spiritual development, racial and social justice, and more!