Congregational Directories; Joining Breeze; Your Breeze Photos

If you are having trouble finding contact information for fellow congregants on Breeze, you may request a hard-copy listing of all UUCSS members and friends, and their contact info.  In past years, the Membership Team produced an annual directory, in booklet form, containing that information.  But, with the switch to the highly useable Breeze church management system, it had been determined that hard-copy directories should become obsolete. 

However, the switch to Breeze does not appear to have been totally accommodating to everyone.  Thus, the Membership Team will produce directory-type lists (not booklets) on an as-needed basis, for distribution.  You may request one by contacting Audrey Belt ( of the Membership Team.  But, before you do, please take into consideration that researching email addresses on Breeze does not affect the number of trees that are cut down, whereas the printing of directory lists does.

Now, for those of you who have not joined Breeze, please consider doing so.  Our congregational administrator, Janice (, will be happy to walk you through it.  And for those of you who are already on Breeze, but who do not have a photo of yourself on your info page, please consider adding one. 

Here are the easy instructions for how to do so:

1. Go to your page on Breeze.
2. Click on the picture spot.
3. In the next window, click on “upload image.”
4. Select picture from your picture gallery.
5. Use arrows to size picture.
6. Click “set a profile.”

Thanks, everyone!

Dennis Herlihy
Chair, Membership Team