Need for an Expanded Care Team during Coronavirus Pandemic

Virtual handholding, of course!

We are in unprecedented times, filled with deep concerns and questions about a previously unknown virus that will affect many.  What we do know is we are part of a congregation which holds one another with love. To meet the needs that will arise among us as we face the challenges of this virus, the Care Team is requesting help in carrying out its mission of providing “a ministry of caring, connection, and hope, so that no one who is part of our congregation feels isolated or alone.” To that end, we ask that you consider joining our Friends of the Care Team list during this difficult time to assist, as you are able, with delivering food, supplies, and medicine to those in need and fulfilling other jobs that may arise.  Please contact us at if you would like to be added to our existing list of Friends.  Feel free to mention any particular ways in which you would like to help.  We urge everyone to check in with those in need through phone calls, cards, and emails.  Please also contact us with information about your own needs or those of anyone else of which we may not be aware. The bonds of community that have been created within our congregation can remain strong and sustaining as we all do our part.   

We have a web of caring and connection that is wide enough and hearts that are big enough to hold all of us.  We are in this national emergency together and we will take care of one another.  Thank you for stepping in to do what you can to ensure that none of us feels alone during an anxious time with many unknowns.   As we distance ourselves physically but grow closer in spirit, our appreciation and gratitude go out to all of you for the assistance and connection we know you will provide.

Be safe.  Be well.  We are holding you all in our hearts.

The UUCSS Care Team – Contact us at

Nancy Berggren
Marian Bigelow
Bev Lawson
Faye Mihuta
Linda Miner
Arliss Nygard
Tari Lee Sykes