New Bylaws for the Congregation

Over the past several years our Congregation has grown increasingly complex; too complex for the “family-style” leadership model we’ve been following for most of our history. We arrived at a point where no one was sure who was responsible for what, and who had authority to do whatever needed doing. Indeed, even the Board was unsure of its own authority to act or delegate.

The Governance Task Force (GTF) has taken the time to rewrite the bylaws, and the Board of Trustees approved them at the October board meeting. The next step is a Congregational vote at the Annual Meeting.

The new bylaws will take time to become comfortable and familiar, but the Governance Task Force and the Board are confident that the bylaws will help move us into our exciting future. The highlights and the details are now available for your reading pleasure!

Below are three PDF attachments.

The “Amended Bylaws” document is the one which the Congregation will be voting on at the Annual Meeting. It has all of the changes that have been made and approved.  

The other one, with the “Bylaws changes footnoted” annotation, is the “working draft;” it contains the specific deletions and additions to the last version of the Bylaws, and might be of interest to “policy wonks” or others interested in how we altered the original. The GTF offers this in the spirit of transparency, so folks who are really curious about what got changed can see, and see some of our reasoning [the footnotes].  

The summary document “Major changes in Bylaws” accompanies the “footnoted” document, as it offers an explanation of how the deletions and additions are to be identified.  

Amended Bylaws

Bylaws changes footnoted

Major changes in Bylaws