New Middle School RE Programming

Our Religious Education collaboration with Albany UU is enabling us to present some new programming, especially for our older children and youth.

For 6th– and 7th-graders, we are offering “Crossing Paths,” a theme-based take on a world religions course.  It is a ten-month program and offers a chance to explore many different faith traditions in addition to Unitarian Universalism:

  • Judaism
  • Christianity, including Catholicism, Christian Evangelicalism, and Quakerism
  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Paganism

8th– and 9th-graders will be gathering together in a book group-style gathering, exploring titles that support the Black Lives Matter movement.  They are starting with book one of March, a graphic novel about Congressman John Lewis and the civil rights movement.

And there is a youth group for 10th– through 12th-graders.   Your high-schooler will be able to participate in developing the agenda for this group, and all the better the sooner they are registered.
And all of this is in addition to programing for our younger ones.  You’ll find all the details about religious education for children and youth here

Now is the time to register your children!  Please fill out the simple form you’ll find here  Remember that we’ll be contributing to RE as a congregation so there is no need for you to worry about RE fees.