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A Cup of Joe

This has not been like what I thought coming back into my shared ministry with you would be like! I thought we might have a congregational dinner, that I’d be sitting down with you and the committees and teams . . . And instead everything is being reimagined, and I have been on a steep learning curve!

Moving from Me to We

The annual joint worship service of our 5 Unitarian Universalist congregations will occur online this year on Sunday, April 5. Gather online starting at 10:00 and the service will run 10:30-11:30.

Love in the Time of Zoom Worship

by Pam Collins, President of the Board of Trustees

Online Opportunities for Connection

In a time of maintaining physical distance, we are trying to be sure we connect socially more than ever! Here are some chances to get together via Zoom with Rev. Joe and others this week.

UUCSS is Now on Zoom!

As recently reported, UU Saratoga now has its own Zoom Pro account. This means we will now be able to not only host our Sunday online worship services through this account, but also online meetings/gatherings held by our committees, teams, and small groups. See also "Online Opportunites for Connection" above for more information on planned online gatherings.

Update on How to Minimize the Spread of the Coronavirus

Important information on how we can help ourselves and each other during this time. Please click on the title above for more details and for a helpful and entertaining video.

This Month's Theme

A Spiritual Theme for April: Liberation

True wisdom comes in understanding that sometimes, you are both the prison and the key. - Johnathan Jena

Latest Sermon


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Virtual UDK Campfires

Every Monday at 8pm we will be hosting a Virtual Unirondack Campfire! Campfires are family friendly and are one hour long.

Zoom Ladies Luncheon

We are having a Zoom Ladies Luncheon, Tuesday, April 7, 12:00-1:00! Make your special lunch and sit down with us for conversation and companionship.

Brent Wilkes

Many congregants will remember Brent Wilkes, a former very active member who served as President of UUCSS for two years a few years ago before retiring to the Boston area with his wife Linda.

Shelters of Saratoga Needs Your Help!

How do you quarantine at home when you have no home? This is the question the folks at Shelters of Saratoga face every day during this pandemic.

The Salvation Army Needs Your Help

The Salvation Army has seen a drastic increase in their food delivery service and could use some more volunteer drivers for delivering food.


Hotels and restaurants—the lifeblood of the Saratoga Springs economy—have been laying off workers or reducing work hours in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the workers who have been hit hardest are immigrants who may not qualify for some of the forms of government assistance that are being offered in response to the crisis.

Zoom Basics

Click the title above for a handy Zoom Basics Tips Sheet.

Attention! Can You Sew? We Need You!

Do you have a sewing machine? Can you hand sew? The friends of the Saratoga Hospital are sewing masks to be used by staff in the nursery so that sturdier masks can be saved for infectious patients. Lucy Manning has connected us with that group; and we UU sewers are planning on making masks starting today.

The Social Justice Team Requests Your Help!

With concern for those less fortunate during this pandemic of COVID-19, the Social Justice Committee is asking our congregation to contribute to our local food pantries.

Joys and Sorrows

To preserve the privacy of our congregants, The Care Team has decided that we will no longer share joys and sorrows through our Journey Well newsletter, which is available to a wide audience beyond our church community.

Need for an Expanded Care Team during Coronavirus Pandemic

We are in unprecedented times, filled with deep concerns and questions about a previously unknown virus that will affect many. What we do know is we are part of a congregation which holds one another with love.

Join Our Care Team to Lobby for “Medical Aid in Dying” Bill

Spring Lobby Day at the Capitol in Albany is Monday, April 20th. The Medical Aid In Dying Bill has gained momentum in the march toward becoming law, but individuals are needed to lobby/advocate for the bill's passage.

Events & Meetings

Call for Volunteers

We Need You! Many Ways to Help with Fundraising!

Recently the Stewardship Committee, which is very short on members, suggested that instead of joining the committee individuals volunteer for one of the major fundraisers.

Have a new UU experience in 2020!

For a musical experience and an uplifting time among some really nice people, come “try us out” and see if you are simply compelled to join!

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