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Top Stories of the week

Congregational Conversation this Sunday, April 18!

Don’t forget about the “coffee chat” this Sunday immediately following the service. We promise to keep it brief! You won’t want to miss this conversation as the first of several conversations and meetings in the coming weeks as we begin to re-imagine the future of our beloved UU Saratoga.

Only 5 Weeks To Go Until The UUCSS Plant Fair!

Updated 4/16: Our yearly UU plant sale fundraiser is Saturday May 22 from 10 to 1 and Sunday May 23 from 12 to 3, just FIVE WEEKS away. Julie shared her joy that the first tomato plants growing in Art's and her basement have peaked up through the soil in their little pots. And the hoop house, to which the plants will be moved when they are bigger and can live outside, has been erected. Herbs, annual flowers and other veggies are in various stages of planting and growing in preparation for their appearances at the sale. And flower gardeners are busy dividing and potting. What a flurry of activity!

Latest Message from the Leadership Committee

Greetings, again, from your Leadership Committee! This is the second installment of our project introducing, or re-introducing our Teams and Committees, to educate our Congregation and solicit help in filling positions on these critical groups. We will introduce two of our groups each week in Journey Well and follow these introductions with a survey of your interests, talents and secret longings in the late summer/early fall. So, stay tuned and by all means feel free to volunteer whenever the spirit moves you! This week we feature our dedicated money-makers, the Stewardship and Fundraising Teams.

UUCSS Web Camps: Stay Connected, Meet New People, Learn New Things

Web Camps enable members and friends of the congregation to stay connected in meaningful ways between Sunday services. Come join us at Web Camp! Click above for more information on how to join.

Upcoming Soul Matters Web Sessions

Beginning April 8! Join us in a smaller, quieter setting to explore and share your personal experiences with the Soul Matters themes we use for Sunday services. Each Soul Matters Web Camp session stands alone, so come for all sessions or come as you can.

“Exploring UU” Sessions Continue!

The Membership Team invites you to the next session of "Exploring UU." Newcomers and congregants are welcome and encouraged to attend. Click above for more information on upcoming dates and details on the next session "UUism and Earth Based Spirituality" facilitated by Pam Collins - Monday, April 19th at 7:00 pm.

This Month's Theme

A Spiritual Theme for April: Becoming

It’s become popular in our society to talk about spiritual journeys as a process of living into your full or true self, of letting the authentic seed inside you unfold. We UU’s agree. We even enshrined it in our principles that celebrate each of our unique seeds (inherent worth) and unique journeys (a free and responsible search).

Latest Sermon


Announcements include upcoming activities and events, as well as information you will want to be aware of as a member of the UU Saratoga community. Click the title of each announcement for more information.

Next Conversation on Pre-emptive Inclusivity for UU Saratoga: Tuesday, 4/27/21 at 7pm

Join us on Tuesday, April 27 at 7pm for the next conversation on Pre-emptive Inclusivity. All are welcome even if you didn't attend the first two conversations. Click above for more information and on how to join the next conversation in Zoom.

“Exploring UU”: UUism and Earth-Based Spirituality, Monday, April 19th at 7:00pm

Tree spirits and water sprites or neuroscience's perspective on "your brain on nature"? In the next Exploring UU session, Pam Collins will lead us as we consider a description of an earth-based spiritual perspective, it's expression and roots in Unitarian Universalism, and its implications for current faith-based social action. Click above for information on how to join this session.

GATP for April

Our "Give Away the Plate" recipient for April is WAIT (Welcoming Adolescents in Transition) House which offers help to homeless youth in need, including emergency shelter, case management and goal planning, connections to services, and on-site life skills training and tutoring. Click above for more information.

UUCSS Book Group Meeting – April 19th at 6:30pm

Anyone is welcome at the monthly UUCSS Book Group, which meets on the 3rd Monday of each month throughout the year. During this time of sheltering in place, we meet virtually on Zoom. At 6:30 P.M. on the appointed day, we check in with each other and then discuss the book for that month.

Help Make a Virtual UU Saratoga Banner

There will be a virtual banner parade at this summer’s online UUA General Assembly. I have a photo of our congregation’s banner, as you see, but we could take advantage of a virtual banner parade as an excuse to craft a new virtual banner for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Saratoga Springs.

The Food We Share Web Camp

Last session on April 21, join Sue Bender-Wilkinson and Nikki Williams for the remaining two sessions sessions as we talk about food, mealtimes, and cooking, and how they have a deeper meaning if we take a closer look. Each individual session will include a delicious recipe for you to try - a soup, a main dish, and a dessert.

What to Expect After the Covid Vaccine

Information from the CDC regarding what we may experience after receiving the Covid-19 vaccination. Click above for more information.

Locks Changed: Essential Use Only

The door codes to enter the meetinghouse and offices have been changed. Click above for more information.

We’re Giving Justice in New York State a NYUUJ!

NYUUJ is New York UU Justice and it is our new official statewide UU justice advocacy network. NYUUJ (say it kinda like “nudge”) will be a way of gathering the collective power and energy of UU’s across New York to advocate for our values in the state we call home. Click above for more information and on how you can get involved.

Covid-19 Vaccine and Community Help Facebook Group

This information has been shared in our Facebook UU members group (thank you Susan Hamlin). If you have Facebook, it's one more way to keep up with scheduling information in and around the Capital District area for the Covid vaccine. Click above for more information.

Kindness is a Breeze

It’s great to connect with each other through Zoom worship and other UU Saratoga Zoom programs for children, youth and adults, but we can also reach out to one another any day of the week via phone, email and the U.S. Postal Service — and fortunately, we have Breeze to make that easier!

Join Rev. Joe for “Reading the Tao te Ching”

Join Rev. Joe every Wednesday at 6pm on Zoom for "Reading the Tao Te Ching"! During these gatherings, we read one verse of the Tao te Ching in several translations and meditate on and discuss the insights we find there.

UUCSS Book Group List for 2021

Check out the UUCSS Book Group list of books planned for 2020-2021!

Check Here for Updated Online Opportunities for Connection

As of 4/14/21. In a time of maintaining physical distance, we are trying to be sure we connect socially more than ever! Here are some chances to get together via Zoom with Rev. Joe and others this week.

Zoom Basics

Click the title above for a handy Zoom Basics Tips Sheet.

Events & Meetings

Call for Volunteers

Volunteers Needed to Help Monitor Our Zoom Worship Service

Help!! The usher/safety team could use some assistance with monitoring our weekly service on Zoom. Three of us are now taking turns. A few more would be very helpful.

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