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Top Stories of the week

New Middle School RE Programming

Our Religious Education collaboration with Albany UU is enabling us to present some new programming, especially for our older children and youth. Now is the time to register your children! Click above for more information.

Another Fundraiser is Coming!!!

For the last fundraiser of 2020, the Fundraising Committee is planning an auction. This will be an online event with items available for bid from Friday October 30th through Saturday November 7th. This part of the auction will be open to our members and friends and others from the Saratoga community.

October Web Camps Are Here!

Web Camps provide the opportunity to meet, connect, and experience community with our fellow UUs between Sunday services, especially now that we’ll need to be indoors more. Three Web Camps are available during October. Click above for more information.

Did You Forget to Pledge?

The last couple of weeks have been filled with so many concerns: the death of RBG, the threat of a fall pandemic surge, and a critical election to be decided in less than 40 days. It’s easy to forget about more mundane matters. But, do you recall how critical our beloved UU community has been in these times?

Exciting RE News!

For the next year, during this exceptional time of pandemic conditions and while we consider the long term direction of our program, we will be collaborating on Religious Education with Albany UU. Click above for more information!

Stewardship Campaign Underway

Our 2021 Stewardship Drive has begun with the announcement last week on Sunday. Members and Friends received letters in the mail this week with important facts and financial graphs related to our need.

This Month's Theme

A Spiritual Theme for October: Deep Listening

Listening helps us find our way. The listening of therapists allows us to navigate our way through life. We turn to prayer to hear God’s guidance. We listen to experts so we can get ahead. Like a flashlight that leads us through the darkness, listening helps us keep on course. And yet our faith says not quite. There’s so much more to it than that. Listening doesn’t just guide us through the world, it says. It also creates our world.

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Free Stream of Nia and Restorative Classes led by Linda Wilkes

Linda, an active UUCSS member prior to moving to the Boston area, has developed a world-wide virtual classroom in response to Covid restraints.

Erstwhile UUs overcome all obstacles to complete the fence project on time, under budget...

Update on the fundraising fence building project. A great success!

Identifying Actions to Dismantle Systemic Racism Community Dialogue Series

Identifying Actions to Dismantle Systemic Racism Community Dialogue Series. Click above for more information and how to join.

Yoga & Meditation for the Whole Family

Updated: 9/18/2020. Click above for an update to the weekly Yoga and Meditation meeting held by Dr. Chris & Helen.

Compassion Training for Pastoral Care Teams

Recent discoveries in neuroscience show that not only is compassion an innate capacity rooted in our care system but a skill which can be deliberately trained and strengthened like a muscle. When faced with challenges or suffering, we can train our empathic response to turn toward compassion which in turn offers protective and beneficial factors for us and others.

Interested in Learning More about Indigenous History and Contemporary Culture?

Did you leave last Sunday's worship service wanting to know more about indigenous history and contemporary culture? If so, click above for more informa6ion on how to find out more!

GATP for September: Ndakinna Education Center

For the month of September the Social Justice Team has selected the Ndakinna Education Center as its recipient for our Give Away the Plate.

Reading the Tao Te Ching

Join Rev. Joe for "Reading the Tao Te Ching" every Wednesday at 7pm!

Covid-19 and End of Life Wishes

As hard as it is to think about, and as difficult as these conversations may be, it seems more important than ever to have your wishes known.

UUCSS Book Group List for 2020-2021

Check out the UUCSS Book Group list of books planned for 2020-2021!

Check Here for Updated Online Opportunities for Connection

Updated 7/3/20. In a time of maintaining physical distance, we are trying to be sure we connect socially more than ever! Here are some chances to get together via Zoom with Rev. Joe and others this week.

Zoom Basics

Click the title above for a handy Zoom Basics Tips Sheet.

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