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Service is Our Prayer….

The Leadership Committee of UUCSS hopes so! We are planning an informational meetup to share the opportunities and responsibilities of various positions of leadership in our congregation.

Fundraising Goal Achieved, We Seek a New Home

Increasingly cramped in our current meeting house, we seek a property of approximately three acres to accommodate a sanctuary that seats at least 150 and will serve many more families with children through our religious exploration programs.

Capital Campaign Update: Our Plan Evolves

A consensus emerged at Sunday's Coffee Chat that we should continue consider properties to the south in searching for a site for our new home.

BOT 2020

Does it seem as though the world as we have known it is shifting? It does to me, but among those things that keep me centered are the people with whom I work on the Board. In a social climate where many are tempted to “mail it in” as they say, no one on your Board of Trustees is inclined in that direction.

Creating UUCSS’ Future Re-scheduled for May 2nd

Saturday, May 2, 9:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. Save the Date! This is important; we need to hear your voice!! Sign-up will begin in February.

Music Night Rescheduled for Saturday, March 21st!!!

The Stewardship Committee is delighted to announce that there will be a music night on Saturday, March 21st, from 6:30 to 9:30 PM. The price will be $15 per person and $40 for a family. Dessert and wine will be available for sale.

This Month's Theme

A Spiritual Theme for February: Resilience

When did we decide that resilience was a solo project? It's not that we consciously defined it that way. It's just what we were taught, from the time we were little until, well, today. The same thing was - and is - said in so many ways: "Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps"; "You're stronger than you think."; "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.”; “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” The cultural message is clear: resilience depends on you - your individual toughness and inner strength. It’s a solo act.

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Coffee Conversation

About one year ago, Uncommon Grounds raised the price of each canister of coffee from $6 to $10, which is a 67% increase. This increase caused havoc with our coffee budget . . . to say the least. In order to combat the price increase, we have instituted two changes this January, and one more here in February.

Give Away the Plate – February 23

In honor of Black History Month, the Social Justice Team recognizes MLK Saratoga for our Give Away the Plate offering this Sunday, Feb. 23.

Tell Your Legislators On Feb. 28th – Fund Climate Justice Now!

Please join the Social Justice Team and New York Renews on this important Climate Lobby Day in Albany. These days are informative and fun -- much calmer than a rally, though they do require a bit of walking!

All About Trains

Join our own Bob Mohowski at the Saratoga Senior Center as he talks about his passion - trains and the railroad. Bob will be bringing in old railroad and train artifacts for a show and tell to everyone.

UU Common Read (Indigenous Peoples’ History of the U.S.) Discussion Group

Sue Bender Wilkinson and Liza Porter will lead a discussion of the book, Indigenous Peoples’ History of the U.S., over three 90-minutes sessions, April 2, 7 and 9 beginning at 7:00 pm.

Circle Dinners are Returning!

Circle Dinners are pot luck dinners held in congregants homes. It is a great way to share a wonderful meal and to get to know one another better.

2020 Sabbatical Guide

After five years of dedicated service to our congregation, our minister, Rev. Joe Cleveland, will take his first sabbatical from January 1st through March 31st. Rev. Joe and several of the congregation’s teams and committees have been working to be sure that his areas of responsibility will be covered during this time of renewal.

Sunday Service Information During Rev. Joe’s Sabbatical

Click the title above to view the schedule for the guest service leaders conducting our Sunday services during Rev. Joe's sabbatical.

UU Saratoga Book Group Selections for 2020

The UU Saratoga Book Group meets on the 3rd Monday of the month throughout the year. We begin with a light supper brought by members of the group, and then have a discussion of the book for that month.

Events & Meetings

Call for Volunteers

Baked Goods Needed for March 21st Music Night

Do you have a special cake or pastry that you like to prepare? We are looking for Volunteers for Baked Goods for our March 21st Fundraising Music Night.

We Need You! Many Ways to Help with Fundraising!

Recently the Stewardship Committee, which is very short on members, suggested that instead of joining the committee individuals volunteer for one of the major fundraisers. Those are music nights in the spring and fall, the plant fair and the food sale and holiday greens and artisan fair in November and December.

Have a new UU experience in 2020!

For a musical experience and an uplifting time among some really nice people, come “try us out” and see if you are simply compelled to join!

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