On Beyond Bylaws!

Posted 4/16/20

The Governance Task Force* [GTF] has pretty much recovered from its work with the new Bylaws and related governance changes, and we are now continuing the process of working with committees and teams on updating and reworking the groups’ job descriptions. Years ago the Congregation maintained printed copies of the various committee responsibilities, so in theory one could read about the jobs performed by any particular group. Committees came and went [the Aesthetics Committee comes to mind], jobs changed, but descriptions did not. An early charge to the GTF was to recreate these descriptions, working with the current groups, and in that way to begin a collaboration between committees and teams, on the one hand, and the Congregation and its Board, on the other. We are in that process, and welcome and appreciate the cooperation of the many team and committee members in moving us all forward.

*Joe Cleveland, Mike Egerman, Beth Flynn, Judy Halstead, Nikki Williams, Dick Wilkinson

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