Our Online Journey Continues

Unable to convene for a worship service at the Meeting House due to the Covid-19 crisis, we have made a plan for going forward in this new period of physical distancing. We continue to map out the main elements of a plan to sharply step up our interactions online.

Here they are:

  • Using Zoom, worship services will continue with the worship service scheduled for Sunday, March 29. Rev. Joe will lead the service with Laurie Singer, and Dan Forbush. Click here for a handy Zoom Basics Tips Sheet.
  • The Care Team are making a special effort to reach out to and help those with special needs during this period of physical distancing. Please send help requests to careteam@uusaratoga.org. There will also be the opportunity to share Joys & Sorrows during our online services.
  • Journey Well will continue to be a biweekly publication in an effort to be more connected with each other as we go through this difficult time. Look for this extra edition on Tuesdays. Additional emails may be sent out via MailChimp to keep our congregation informed of important information as and when it becomes necessary.
  • To enable members of the congregation to share information and personal reflections during this difficult time, we plan to offer Forum as a new blog-like section of our web site. Stay tuned for more information.
  • We’re continuing to train members of the congregation in the use of Zoom to use in committee/team meetings and small-group ministry. Anyone may sign up for a free Zoom account that will support multi-party online meetings of up to 40 minutes. Click here.

Many organizations, including the UUA’s Church of the Larger Fellowship, use Zoom for prayer and worship services, as Nikki Williams pointed out, having used Zoom in a number of online courses and conferences. 

“This can work,” she said. “It may not be the worship service we’re used to, but it will be time that enriches our spiritual lives and our sense of community with one another.”