Poetic License: Exploring Meaning, Theology, Spirituality

“Poetic License” is a facilitated group discussion exploring issues of meaning, theology, and spirituality led by Rev. Joe.  We will start with a bit of poetry or a reading as a way of finding new ways to experience and understand issues of meaning, theology, and spirituality. 
This Wednesday, May 6, at 7pm, we will focus on the moral ambiguity of nature that Rev. Joe introduced in his sermon of April 26, “Hear the Earth Call.”  You can listen to that sermon or download a transcript, if you like, here: https://uusaratoga.org/sermons/hear-the-earth-call/.  But we’ll start our discussion Wednesday with a poem by Mary Oliver that raises similar issues called “Straight Talk From Fox.”
The link for this Wednesday evening is https://zoom.us/j/516565289 Meeting ID: 516 565 289

Other sessions of “Poetic License” in May will occur on 

See Journey Well for the password that you’ll need to enter.